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When should you wear blue light glasses?

Jan 02,2024

To get a pair of blue light glasses or not. There is always a question that we should ask ourselves: are you really sure when you need to wear your blue light glasses?

When should you wear blue light glasses?

When to wear blue light glasses?

1.During prolonged screen time

If you spend several hours each day watching at a computer or a smartphone, wearing blue light glasses can help minimize the potential negative effects of blue light on your eyes.

2.Before bedtime

Using electronic devices before bed can disrupt your sleep patterns because of the suppression of the hormone that regulates sleep. Wearing blue light glasses in the evening can help mitigate this effect and promote better sleep.

3.During work time

If you work in an office setting with fluorescent lighting, or if your job involves extended screen time, blue light glasses can help protect your eyes from the cumulative effects of blue light exposure.


For people who spend significant time playing video games, wearing blue light glasses is able to help reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by the prolonged exposure to screens.

5.Outdoor activities

Blue light is present in natural sunlight. But if you spend a lot of time in bright sunlight and if you’re sensitive to sunlight, wearing blue light glasses is a good way to provide protection against excessive blue light exposure.

When can you take off your blue light glasses?

In natural daylight:

During the daytime, the natural sunlight contains a balanced spectrum of light. Wearing blue light glasses in natural daylight may not provide significant benefits, as the intensity and composition of natural sunlight differ from the concentrated blue light emitted by electronic devices.

During non-screen activities:

When you are engaged in activities that don't involve electronic screens, such as socializing, exercising, or pursuing hobbies that don't require digital devices, wearing blue light glasses is unnecessary since there is no significant exposure to blue light.

For personal comfort:

Some people may find wearing blue light glasses uncomfortable or experience visual distortions. In such cases, it's best to discontinue using them and explore alternative ways to minimize blue light exposure, such as adjusting screen settings or taking regular breaks from electronic devices.

Is it bad to wear blue light glasses all day?

Wearing blue light glasses all day is generally not considered harmful. But there still has a few factors to consider.

Some blue light glasses may have a yellow, amber, or red tint, which can alter the color perception of your surroundings. For some color-sensitive work, wearing tinted blue light glasses all day may not be ideal.

But there is still a side effect. Wearing blue light glasses in environments with ample natural light may affect your sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, keeping a balance between protecting your eyes and allowing your body to follow the natural cues is all up to you.

Tips for wearing blue light glasses

  • Opt for high-quality blue light glasses that have been certified to effectively filter out a significant amount of blue light. Look for reputable brands to ensure you are getting reliable glasses.
  • When spendinga lot of time under artificial lighting, wearing blue light glasses can minimize the impact of blue light on your eyes.
  • Blue light glasses are not a substitute for good eye care habits. Remember to take regular breaks from screens, practice the 20-20-20 rule (every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds), and maintain proper lighting when using electronic devices.