About Us

At BlueLightPC, we know:

  • there are negative effects that the excessive blue light brings but many people haven't been aware of it;
  • there are many blue light blocking glasses in the market but they don't work well to balance the negative and positive effects of blue light;
  • there have been many effective blue light blocking glasses but they are not quite affordable for many people to buy one pair.

So, we created BlueLightPC brand with a vision of "Make eye sight protection effective & Make blue light blocking solution affordable".


Why Choose BlueLightPC?

Your digital eyes deserve a break - Discover our high quality blue light glasses, engineered to shield your sight and renew your focus.

In today's screen-centric world, the harmful effects of blue light exposure are undeniable. Constant digital eye strain, disrupted sleep cycles, and heightened risk of long-term vision issues - it's time to take control of your visual wellbeing.

That's where BlueLightPC comes in. Our state-of-the-art blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter out the damaging blue wavelengths, providing soothing relief for your eyes while maintaining crystal-clear visual clarity. With a range of stylish, comfortable glasses frames to choose from, you can protect your eyes in effortless, eye-catching fashion.

Experience the difference our innovative lenses can make. Reduce eye fatigue, minimize headaches, and reclaim your productivity - all while elevating your style with our expertly crafted blue light glasses. Reclaim your digital freedom. Revitalize your eyes. Reveal your best self. Shop our collection now and unlock the power of blue light protection.

Know more about blue light's effects at our blog. We would keep you updated about eye care, eyewear buying guide and the development of anti-blue light solutions.