Eyeglass Frame Size Guide

Frame Size Guide


Here are the common terms for eyeglasses frames measurements:


1.Frame Width:

The frame width, also known as the total frame width, is the overall horizontal measurement of the frames from hinge to hinge. This dimension gives an indication of the overall size and coverage of the frames.


2.Bridge Width:

The bridge width is the measurement between the two lenses, specifically the distance between the inner edges of the lenses. This measurement helps ensure a comfortable and well-fitted nose bridge.


3.Lens Width:

This refers to the horizontal width of the lenses. The lens width is one of the most important measurements, as it determines the overall size and fit of the frames.


4.Lens Height:

Also known as vertical dimension, it is the measurement of the vertical length of the lenses. This factor can influence the overall appearance and coverage of the frames on the face. 


5.Temple Length:

The temple length is the measurement from the hinge of the frame, where the temple arms connect, to the end of the temple arm. This determines the length of the temple arms, which wrap around the ears to hold the frames in place.